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The 5 Minute Guide to Surviving Puberty (For Boys and Girls Ages 9-15)

The 5 Minute Guide to Surviving Puberty (For Boys and Girls Ages 9-15) is a complete guide and handy resource for those teens seeking to survive the challenges of puberty with the healthiest mental and physical body image possible.

The challenges of puberty are unique for each young person and it is so very important that these budding young adults have access to the most useful and accurate information regarding the changes in their bodies and hormones. Knowing why your body is changing and what to expect makes the stages of puberty just a little less stressful. THIS 5 MINUTE PUBERTY SURVIVAL GUIDE gives your teen very useful information to help them navigate these very difficult years of body and hormonal changes.

Being a teenage boy or girl is very challenging in todays world, and most parents can attest to issues and concerns they once had to address. And although parents would like to teach their teens from personal experiences in dealing with puberty and the tremendous body and emotional changes that occur, we feel that this 5 MINUTE PUBERTY SURVIVAL GUIDE is the perfect book for your boy or teen girl to receive timely, accurate information on puberty which can make their growth from adolescent to young adult somewhat easier.

The 5 Minute Survival Guide To Puberty for Boys and Girls Gives You:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the hormone changes you can expect

  • Helps you learn about the "why" of hair growth in very unusual places

  • Guides you through the changes in your emotional and mental growth

  • Teaches you why keeping your body clean is extremely important during puberty

  • Helps you understand your very unique one-of-a-kind puberty experience

  • Shows you why your body changes are ok and should not be a source of embarrassment

  • Encourages you to have a very healthy discussion about sex with your parents or medical professionals

Being a teenage boy or girl in this time of life can be confusing, but reading The 5 Minute Guide to Surviving Puberty (For Boys and Girls Ages 9-15) can be your resource to help you navigate these difficult moments with minimal stress.

The 5 Minute Guide to Surviving Puberty (For Boys and Girls Ages 9-15) is ready to help prepare your teens to tackle the almost certain body images issues, as well as the personal, physical and mental challenges brought on by puberty and more!

Lets tackle puberty together! Order Your Copy Today From Amazon Books!

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